Katja Glieson Aboriginal Body Paint

You might recognize Katja Glieson as the bold ice queen, Elsa, in the YouTube hit ‘Princess Rap Battle’. But, this saucy Aussie pop-singer has released her own album that is nothing short of catchy and totally awesome.  And at the recording of her music video, Ride the Wave…Artistic LA was there!

Paying homage to her Australian Roots, Katja wanted body paint for herself and her back up dancers that were aboriginal inspired designs, created and hand painted by ALA!  The designs used bold colors such as reds, oranges and blacks with accents of white dots and shapes to round it out.  It was so true to form, that even the didgeridoo player AND the actual didgeridoo itself were painted for the piece.  Fun Side Note: After we painted the instrument for this video, it was sealed and has been used in multiple productions since its artistic overhaul 🙂

Painting dancers and athletes can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge, because continuous heavy movements and sweating can remove the make up, so we pay CLOSE attention to those variables and use make up that is not only safe for the skin, but will also make continuity of production as flawless as possible.  Our goal in working with ANY and ALL productions is that it is creative and unique (much like the authentic and inspired classic aboriginal paintings of Katja’s home country), but we also pay close attention to the vitality of time efficiency and keeping production moving forward.

We had such a blast painting Katja, her dancers and her didgeridoo man for Ride The Wave, we have had the honor of being asked back to create with this amazing team on multiple projects since then and can’t wait to do it again 🙂  Check out the video and the production stills to see the talented Katja and the ALA art in action!

Thank you Katja Glieson!